Exit Strategies

Why It’s Ok To Have A “Plan B”

Photo taken in Charleston, SC (2015)

If you read my previous post “F*** Yo’ Feelings” then you caught my introduction to having an exit strategy. I talked about a couple of situations where I felt really uncomfortable and had to make some quick decisions.

In writing this post, I also found that many people aren’t familiar with when or why it is appropriate to have an exit or at least a reason to make an exit. You never want to be somewhere and not know how you’re going to get out of it or more importantly somewhere where you may feel stuck. Threatened. Bored. Unproductive. Or even unwanted.

An exit strategy is sorta like a “Plan B” but more along the responsible route. It’s something you should have mapped out way before entering a situation. You don’t ever want to end up in a situation like we saw in my post about the movie Get Out (“The Sunken Place”) but you also don’t want to use it as an excuse to bail on your responsibilities. I know everyone may not agree with my thoughts but bear with me.

As an adult, I’ve found that I do better in some situations by myself. Don’t get me wrong, having someone to experience things with is a plus. I have a couple of friends/acquaintances that I can call on for different interests but I’m still waiting on that one, “The One”, who I know will always be down for my shenanigans.

At my age, I’ve experienced a lot and quite frankly have gotten use to being able to just get up and go most times. That’s just my personal preference. A lot of situations don’t call for you to always have someone with you. To me that’s college behavior, until you have a family.

Who wants to always have to wait on another person? More importantly, who wants to always risk their good time being interrupted by another person? I know it may not always be the safest choice to go some places alone but that’s why I always check out the venue, side of town etc. then I map out my adventure.

What time do you plan to arrive? How long do you plan to be there? When do you plan on leaving? Who can you call if something were to go wrong or even to get you out of an awkward situation? These are just a few things for you to think about.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Hope this helps someone!