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Fiction or Nah?

Part 1 of 5 | Creative Writing

This post kicks off Part 1 of a 5 Part short story I created back in 2015. It’s an introduction to my creative writing, with a twist. After each part, there’s a message.

There once was a gentleman who lived in Chicago and would ride public transit every day to work. He would be so terrified at his commute that finally he opted to let someone else do the driving. During his daily ride he would encounter a young lady, she had to be about 19–20 with tattoos and piercings all over. She seemed so eccentric that it made him uncomfortable. He would squirm and keep her in his peripheral view, so that he didn’t let her out of his eyesight.
Many thoughts crossed his mind as he sat across from this young lady on a daily basis. Will she try to rob me? Is she too intelligent or just dumb for all of her tattoos and piercings? Who let her out of the house like that? One day she happened to glance over in his direction and locked eyes with the gentleman, or at least she appeared to do so and this made the man uneasy. He squirms and twists and turns to get comfortable but felt the young lady just kept gazing in his direction.
Finally, with a look on his face, that made it obvious that he was petrified and uncomfortable, he jumps up- eyes bucked, and stands. The young lady immediately looks over at him and asks “Is everything ok sir?”. He replies “No! you are making me uncomfortable by staring at me!”
In disbelief the young lady replies “Sir, I do apologize for making you uncomfortable but I am not staring at you.” She then points to the wall and the graffiti behind him that stated “Some jack ass will sit here and won’t even see this” — with an arrow pointing down.
He glances over his shoulder and reads it in disbelief. Immediately shame comes over him. The young lady then introduces herself as a student at a local art institute with art work on display in a local gallery and hands him one of the flyers.

Moral of the story:

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Looks can be deceiving.

Hope this helps someone!