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Fiction or Nah?

Part 3 of 5 | Creative Writing

“Introducing: Casey and her futuristic approach to modern art” you could hear over the loud speaker. The crowd went wild. Casey couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was witnessing one of her dreams come true. Her art work had been on display for a few weeks. She had her own exhibit. It felt surreal. You would’ve never known just days before she had been sitting on a public bench having a melt down, questioning some of her decisions.
On this particular evening she was joined by several of her classmates and close friends to help culminate the exhibit. Food and drinks were flowing and a dj was spinning some of the latest tunes. She looked around to take it all in and noticed a familiar face. The gentleman from the subway incident had made an entrance.
They make eye contact and he proceeds to walk towards her. Casey freezes. “What do I do? What do I do?” she thinks to herself. Next thing you know he was in her face.
“Hi” He says as he reaches out his hand for a hand shake.
She gasps for air, in disbelief.
“I would like to apologize for our encounter the other day” he states.
“Oh, no problem. I’m glad you could make it out to my exhibit” she replied.
To break the awkward pause he continues “A few of my colleagues told me about an exhibit they made plans to attend following the story about our run in the other morning . After I saw your flyer for the second time, I thought I couldn’t not attend.”
He pauses then continues “My colleagues head up the Public Relations Department for this museum.”
In an unsure but excited manner Casey exclaims “Ok, great!”
Just what she needed, another awkward conversation. Then out of no where one of her favorite songs comes on. The vibe in the exhibit changes. Everyone starts dancing, even her new acquaintance. As things wind down he hands her one of his business cards and insists that she allow him a second chance to introduce himself. She agrees to think it over and they part ways.

Moral of the story:

Buy the plane ticket. Try the new restaurant. Eat the cake! ENJOY YOUR LIFE! You never know what or who is around the corner.

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Hope this helps someone!


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