Life Lesson #6

Carrying Bones…

The other night I found myself catching up on the trashiest of trash television, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta-LHHATL, and I must say I was very amused. Although, each of the characters all lead very interesting lives and appear to be great business women/men they just aren’t what I would like to think of as role models. This particular episode featured one of the most outspoken characters Ms. Joseline and compared to past seasons she seems to have changed. She’s now a mother and has calmed down on the drama (for now at least) and was confronting someone on their messy ways.

“You like a dog. You carry da bone. You carry da bone back and forth” you could hear Joseline say (along with a slew of other words in an argument with KarlieRedd). I couldn’t help but sit back and think. Of all people, Ms. Joseline herself was teaching America a lesson on gossip. The most raunchiest, triflin’, headline loving person on the show had matured. The only thing I was confused about was why did it take so long? Or better yet, why did it take her getting married, divorced and having a baby by someone in which she did some of the exact same things to other people to change her?

It’s funny how life works out sometimes. The person who gossips the most is usually the person with the most to hide. In some cases, with the least to offer. I couldn’t stand when old friends would come to me with juicy gossip about other people because as I got older I realized that this same person would be telling my secrets too.

I would look up and someone would be talking to one of my exes or some mess would be started because of something that had been repeated by someone close that shouldn’t have been. It didn’t take me long to realize where the leaks in my personal business were coming from. Some people don’t have anything else going on other than other people’s business sometimes. As I’ve matured, I’ve come to value my privacy a lot more.

The saying is very true “He who gossips to you will gossip about you.” If you don’t want everyone to know, then don’t tell anyone. Definitely don’t tell the messy boots of the crew. They’ll tell a friend who’ll in return tell a friend and next thing you know everybody and their mom will know your business. I won’t say “don’t do it” because I know of a lot of things that have been done in my lifetime (by myself and others) that have managed to stay under the radar. **This is not a license to be reckless.

You just have to know who to talk to and when to practice using discretion. I have managed to maintain a well balanced life without all the extra ears and mouths from my past after learning a few lessons. Although, I do not agree with some of Joseline’s tactics her point was made very clear on this episode. Gossip can be tricky. It’s a bit like the telephone game. What may start out as “Have you heard someone saw so and so having drinks the other day?” could turn into “Did you hear so and so are hooking up?”

If it’s not your business, my best advice would be to please not repeat it. Too many times people’s lives have been destroyed all because of some busy body that didn’t know how to mind their own business. The sad part is, they are often good people whom we’ve allowed in our homes, lives etc all for the sake of entertainment at the expense of someone else. Which could eventually turn into your own dirty laundry. Be careful.

Life Lesson #6:

“A dog who brings a bone, will carry a bone.” -Unknown

Hope this helps someone!


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