Making The Right Investments

(Plus, Episode 7: Assets & Liabilities)

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Years ago, I had a manager on my first real job out of college attempt to help me get into the Stock Market and investing into a 401K. I’d had relatives talk to me about it before but no one really broke it down for me like this particular manager.

Many companies nowadays give you the option to buy pieces of their stock and/or invest in a 401k plan. Both of which are like savings plans for your future AND you can arrange for it all to come out of your check before taxes. A lot of them will even match what you investment.

To be honest, I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies, whether part time or full time, that I have offered both. It took me a couple years to initially invest at this one particular company but by the time that I left I was happy that I did.

With a minimal investment, around 2 or 3 percent that was matched by my employer, I managed to walk away with a decent return**. The one thing I will caution, before you make any moves with your money, is to make sure that you are vested.

Other than that, this money is yours so please do not leave it behind! You can transfer it to another account or cash it out, depending on your age etc you may have to pay penalties and more than likely taxes. I remember paying penalties/taxes when I requested my check AND being taxed again when I filed my taxes.

Do your research.

There are several options out there today that allow for you to invest your money or buy stock without having to go through your employer. Whether it be through an app like Stash (which I am currently testing out) or Acorns etc, with a Financial Planner or simply through your bank by investing in CD’s or a savings account (they have different options for savings account and some even have programs like “Keep The Change” to help you save while you spend daily). There are so many different options out there.

Just remember to: Do your research.

We’re too advanced, with a whole lot of opportunities for growth and making money for us not to be taking advantage of the many ways we can make our money work for us. I wish I had been more serious earlier on in my career but over the years I’ve been learning about how to make the right investments. Which leads me into my latest podcast episode…

Ep. 7: Assets & Liabilities

In this episode I will be discussing:

  • Types of Assets & Liabilities
  • Taking Vacations
  • Investing Your Money
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

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Hope this helps someone!


**Please note: Majority of this money was tied up in a program I attended at Emory University that I have yet to use in its entirety so please do not get any ideas!

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