Never Go To Bed Angry

A lesson learned from Snapchat

One lesson that I’ve learned is that when you have someone or people that you care about, you should never go to bed angry without making sure they are ok. You never know what the next day may bring.

Many of the disputes that we tend to find ourselves in with our loved ones are often trivial and can be resolved with an apology or simply acknowledging that we 1) aren’t perfect, 2) made a mistake or 3) are trying.

I recently got into it with someone close and it happened on Snapchat. If you’re familiar with the app, it erases your messages after they’ve been read and if you don’t save them or aren’t paying attention you can find yourself questioning “What the heck did I just miss?”

By now, if you follow me then you know about my love-hate relationship with Snapchat, so this already made it interesting. I would say something then come back and not remember what I said. Then the other person would say some things that would get under my skin but guess what? After I read the message(s) they no longer existed.

Although, this doesn’t make it right I found myself checking myself a few days later. You cannot hold onto an offense that no longer exist or that you are forcing yourself to replay (mentally). It’s just not healthy.

Sometimes you have to treat the disagreements with your loved ones like a message on Snapchat and erase them from your memory then start over again. When you prolong trivial things etc, it not only makes you look crazy but you lose time that you could be spending with the ones that you love.

Hope this helps someone!