Wait… Your little princess is the devil.

Thoughts on misperceptions and bad attitudes.

It never ceases to amaze me the great lengths some will go to give off a perception. Whether it be a perception to create a better image for themselves. Or the opposite to taint someone else’s image.

I’ve lived and learned enough at my age to know that you can only fool people for so long. I don’t have an image to uphold. Just my conscious. To remain positive. To remain pure in spirit. To uplift. To humor. To be able to sleep at night.

Yes, you read right. Some of the people whom we all admire (with the best social media presence, pictures, big bank accounts, significant other etc) don’t sleep well at night. Don’t get me wrong those are goals too but I want to be able to enjoy my life. Walk down the street and not have to worry about if my neighbor is trying to rob me or better yet my best friend.

I’ve encountered some of the best spirits in my lifetime who don’t necessarily have the biggest following. I’ve also run into some of the biggest devils with the worst attitudes with thousands of followers. I don’t put anything past anyone any more. I just accept you for who you are. Whether an angel or not so much an angel. I just adjust to who I’m dealing with and keep it moving.

I don’t have to keep up an image. I want people to love me for me. My blog and my social media are all me, front and center. Some of the worst fall outs I’ve had in the past, have been with people whom everyone thought were angels. They did what people thought they should (parents, friends etc) in public and behind closed doors they did everything under the sun.

I wouldn’t dare taint their image or tell their secrets. Just know if my body language or mannerisms change, any time I’m around someone who’s character I know not to be as it’s been hyped, deep down inside I’m thinking “Wait… your little princess is the devil.” Then I let people get to know people for themselves and try to follow some advice I’ve been given, a time or two:

“Be a thermostat and not a thermometer”.

Hope this helps someone!


(Ok, Maybe not completely centered 😜)
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