What I’ve Learned From Life’s 3 Biggest Teachers

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Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two from some of my mistakes and unfortunately, the mistakes of others. It doesn’t take me long to catch on. My problem has always been knowing when to let go and accept things for what they are.

Whether it be accepting the fact that you messed up, someone else messed up or even that no matter how much you try some things cannot be fixed and this sometimes will force you to have to start over. Starting over sucks but it’ll give you the opportunity to create a whole new outlook on life. They say the only way to go once you’ve hit rock bottom is up so I lead into a few lessons I’ve learned from what some know as “Three of life’s best teachers”.


At an early age, I learned about heartbreak which I now find as an adult to be trivial. The only problem is that when you look back those “little” heartbreaks turned out to be big in how they helped to shape the adult that you have grown into. Think about.

How many of you had parents who wouldn’t keep their word? Or that childhood sweetheart who stopped talking to you for the girl down the street? Or even never being picked to play with the cool kids? Yep, all of these count as heartbreaks. We’ve all experienced them and depending on the frequency of your experiences they could change how you approach relationships.

Empty Pockets

The saying goes “Money is the root of all evil” but it’s something that we all can’t live without. Lessons on managing money are learned quickly as get older and get more of it. You need money to pay your bills, to put food on your table and you also need money to just enjoy your life. Which is why some people value it over everything (and everybody). When you hit a low point and you find that you don’t have access to money or the ability to make money things begin to change.

You look at opportunities differently. You look at necessities differently. You even look at your own self worth differently. You do what you have to do to survive. The things you go after are no longer about what you want, it becomes more about obtaining what you need to survive. By any means necessary, at times. It’s also where you are borderline my next topic.


The final lesson I want to talk about is taught by failure. This lesson comes to us daily. Whether in small form or large scale you can’t avoid them. When you think of failure on a smaller scale you lump in those small vices like your diet, expenses, or maybe even swearing. On a larger scale, you tend to think of loss (of a job, loved one, relationship etc), rebuilding or starting over.

No one is exempt from failure. We all just experience it differently. I, personally, have experienced my fair share of failures and each of them have taught something different. Whether it was a lesson about myself, about another person I had been dealing with or a failed attempt at something I had given my all to. Our perception of situations doesn’t always equal reality.

In closing, one of my favorite sayings from my twenties was “Some lessons are best learned.” There are some things you just have to experience for yourself. Some things you won’t understand until you go through it yourself. Experience is definitely one of the best teachers of them all. Bump your head a few times or take a few hits (physically and/or metaphorically) and you’ll catch on quickly on whether you need to either duck or change routes completely.

As always, Hope this helps someone!


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