Why Social Media Shouldn’t Be Used to Validate Relationships (or People)

My Thoughts On Social Media…

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Over the years, I’ve started to look at social media very differently. To me, it is a place where I come to let my hair down, be myself and share parts of my life. To others, it is somewhere they come to vent. To keep up with the trending topics. To express themselves. To exist.

We all place a different value on what and how we share our lives with the masses. I personally do not think that EV-ERY-BODY should have access to my life in general for several reasons. It doesn’t mean certain relationships are of any less value. I just prefer to keep that boundary with certain relationships. I would rather some people have my direct number than be connected to some of my social media accounts. Everyone isn’t built the same.

Why do I feel this way? Because I feel that I can be me without question. That doesn’t mean I’m being someone else but ask yourself, do you allow your employer to have access to everything in your waking life? Probably not, so why should every person you encounter need to know where you are, all of your likes or your inner most thoughts if you won’t even have an actual conversation with them or better yet allow them in your home. I’ve experienced some of the worst behaviors due to social media envy, not to mention identity theft is real.

There are people I keep in contact with on a regular basis and you don’t see a trace of them on any of my pages. Does that mean the relationship doesn’t exist? Nope. Everybody won’t fit into the same categories of your life. It’s not fair to assume so. Relationships are currency and I’m learning that discretion paired with intimacy is key to making them (and any opportunities attached to them) last. Everyone won’t always be happy for you. You’d be surprised by who’s jealous of your regular ‘ol life.

Hope this helps somebody! 💝