How can you change the world?

Be a Prophet.

No not in the biblical or mystical sense, well not in the way you probably think.

Look I’m not going to call down fire, read tea leaves or make crazy future claims. Nor am I meaning to be a rebuke artist or a passage to something greater.

But like all prophets, I do have a message.

I have something to share. Free words and thoughts that I believe others could put to use. Not just to inform them of how to do things better, but to transform them so that they become better.

I want to inspire. To give life. To let others know that every person’s story matters.

I want to awaken others to the dreams, visions and passion stored within their souls. For most of our lives, it has glowed as a lone ember.

I want to breathe fresh wind upon it.

So that an ember becomes a blaze.

I want your own journey to inspire you so that you can have the confidence and truth to inspire others.

Inspire the world to the journey and work of whatever is good, noble and trustworthy.

Because if I’m not a prophet, I am surely a peddler.

How will you change the world?