I move out tomorrow…

So, tomorrow is the day I move out of my house for the first time! Yes, it’s true, college is starting.


Okay, I’m a little scared. But, I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of. I mean, I’m moving an hour away from home. An entirely different city, with entirely different people, making entirely new friends. Now, the fact is, I’m a social butterfly. I shouldn’t be scared of any of these things. I’m leaving all of my friends and family here. I’m also worried about them. I don’t want them to feel abandoned or deserted, because they aren’t. But it’s okay to be scared, as long as you don’t let the fear rule you. You rule the fear.


While I am a little scared, I believe I’m more excited. I look forward to freedom, making new friends, and truly growing up. A lot of things are entailed with that, but it’s mostly exciting. I’ve heard from just about everyone in my community circle: “Lots of things change”, “It’s going to be the best time of your life”, “You’ll make friends that you keep for a lifetime.” These things give me hope. These things destroy my fear. This next step for me is a big one, but it’s a great one. Perhaps, someday after college, I’ll re-read this article I’m writing now. It will be a special experience, I believe.

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