Aligning with survivors in situations of alleged abuse is the best approach; false claims are a…
Amy Crean

Can you link me an article or something where the viewpoint of always aligning with survivors is explored in more depth? I’ve heard only it recently, but several times in a brief period, and my cursory search turned up mostly people arguing really rabidly against it. It sort of sticks in my craw, but I do feel that it could be correct.

As for your second paragraph, that’s something I don’t fully understand. So, I agree with you that his general glossing over of the sexual encounters and attempting to bolster his narrative with positive socializing are sketchy. But if we imagine a world in which Ben is entirely innocent (and I read this response as a denial of the claims): is he expected not to support himself? I mean, sure it might be nothing compared to the pains of a survivor, but the difficulties that he’s encountered as a result of these allegations aren’t trifling. So in the alternate, pigs-flying world where he is innocent, and he sees his career dissolving as a result of false claims, he’s just supposed to… what? Acquiesce? That seems… weird. Or at the very least unrealistic to expect.

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