Functions, loops, operators, and learning correct terminology.

Spent a few hours continuing on my fundaments of programing path today. During this process I realize the importance of correct terminology to be able to accurately communicate to fellow developers. I learned this habit back in music school at Berklee. I found that many producers struggled to communicate what they were thinking to others because they weren’t concerned with it when they were behind the computer working by themselves. I found that it cuts back a lot of time to be able to speak as well as code by best practices. So I as learn I tedious focus and jot down notes on correct terminology and spend and extra second googling if necessary rather than moving ahead. For example today I learned from Simon to refer to the following as:

( Parentheses )

[ Brackets ]

{ Braces }

Functions are a total corner stone of programming. Functions are blocks of code that you give a name so you can call back later. Functions or the idea of so are found in all major programming languages. Functions can be referred to as Modules, Subroutines, or Methods in other languages but the idea of blocks of code as a callable unit inside a larger program is a core feature of all programming languages. Within functions I learned about parameters and arguments. This is a perfect example of spending an extra moment learning the difference and correct terminology. I define a parameter as the name given and argument as the actual value for local variables in a function.

Another concept I was turned onto while studying this was variable scope. A local variable would be a variable only accessible within the function. A global variable would be defined outside a function and is accessible or visible throughout the program. In JavaScript scope only refers and applies to functions. It wouldn’t apply to code blocks such as creating variables inside loops or if statements and so on.

I learned about both if else statements as well as the similarly written while loop. Loops are a very exciting topic to get into because I can start to grasp the power I am dealing with. Often when beginning with programing languages its hard to grasp what this will turn into. As I put it, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” However writing working loops you can see and start to imagine the things that I will be creating soon and I can’t wait!

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