Setting the Foundations

My First Step into Web Design and Design in General.

Hunter Wallace
Jan 11 · 2 min read
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My name is Hunter Wallace and I am an aspiring developer. I was born and raised in a small town a little north of Indianapolis in Indiana. After graduating from high school, I began my journey at Ball State University to achieve my dream of becoming a computer scientist and I’ve loved it. It feels amazing being able to create so many different things and have so many fields to explore and be interested in. I am hoping to find internships so that I can truly feel my major and connect with amazing designers and developers and hopefully learn how to better my work and pave a road for the future.

The Big Dream

After I graduate college with a few internships under my belt (hopefully), I plan to enter into the field as a Full Stack Web developer. I love creating software and web development feels amazing and satisfying. Being able to code and instantly see results and be able to share that work to the world so easily is something I can’t wait to do. After enjoying lots of time in the field, I hope to become a product manager and help lead teams to continue making content that will help make the world a better place. When the time comes to retire, I plan to achieve my masters and teach at a university or public schools in need of STEM teacher support. I never liked the idea of just sitting around the rest of my life in a recliner (as much as I wish I could that more now) so being able to help others enjoy the wonders of technology would be an honor.

What’s Next

This is my very blog post ever so I hope it flows well. I’ve never been the best at writing but I love sharing stories, experiences, and hopefully as I further my own path, knowledge to others who are like me and want to learn. I hope to post here and there, probably just around big project achievements or midterms and finals. Thank you for reading this and hopefully I will have lots more to share as he year goes on

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Hunter Wallace

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Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Programming, gaming, hiking, digital art, and the gym are my biggest hobbies.