I don’t agree with everything you say, Hunter, but I truly appreciate what you are trying to do.
R Smith

R Smith! Save me from a world where everyone agrees with me!!! Do you know how many bad ideas I have? I have them all the time. I’m sure you do too. All humans do. That’s what the human brain does. It finds patterns. It makes suggestions. And a lot of those are TERRIBLE. The problem of people not being held accountable is a universal one. It applies to politics, organized religion, government, Hollywood celebrities, science, academia and public intellectuals. So, please, don’t agree with everything I say! The wisdom of crowds works when lots of different perspectives come together and challenge each other.

The problem is that won’t happen as long as people are blinded by their own culture. That’s what culture does. Culture binds and blinds. It blinds people without even realizing they’re being blinded and so we have to help take those blinders off. I’m glad to know there are three other people trying to do this! Who are they?!? Oh, wait. Bryan Callen, Katie O’Brien…who’s the third? Seriously though, this has to all be entertaining or people won’t engage.

Ultimately, humanity needs a new shared frame of reference to make sense of the world and each other in a globalized age. Hope you’ll be part of shaping this. If you’re interested, Mixed Mental Arts has a dojo here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1289087351149018/. There are also fun convos happening on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/MixedMentalArts/

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