5 Horrible Things Radical Christians Do and Believe

I’m an Australian, I’ve always lived in major cities, I’ve lived in California for years and I’ve never been deeply religious. Like most people who fit my profile, or just most non-religious people from large liberal cities, I grew up with a suspicion and I’ll be honest, hostility towards southern evangelicals. As I grew older I came to believe my earlier prejudices were unfounded, believing I could see the good in everybody, and regarding those who had not come around to my way of thinking as bigoted. So you can imagine my surprise, when I read an article this week showing just how horrible and medieval some of their practices are.

Of course, the media would never report on these because of their bias, and as they claim, to protect the reputation of all evangelists from being painted as the extremists that some clearly are. But I believe we must discuss the broader faith and publicly condemn those within their community and abroad who practice these barbaric practices. Here are a few that jumped off the page to me.

1. The Blood Letting.

Every year, in early fall, Evangelicals gather at churches and public spaces for the blood letting. They break the legs and cut the throats of hundreds of defenseless animals, letting them slowly bleed out. The scenes are gruesome and need not be shown here.

2. They advocate banning homosexuality.

52% of evangelicals believe being gay should be a crime. Not in some backward corner of the world. Right here.

3. They believe a wife must obey her husband at all times.

Over 70% of all evangelicals world wide believe that a wife must at all times obey her husband. This is remarkably out of step with non-evangelicals, with whom less than 1 in 12 agree with that same statement.

4. They believe in killing anyone who leaves the faith.

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

It’s hard to take that belief and claim it’s a moderate peaceful and harmless saying.

5. They believe that anyone in an adulterous relationship should be killed.

Over half of evangelicals worldwide firmly believe that a person, particularly women, should be killed for having an affair.

All the 5 mentioned above are supported by the Majority of all adherents to their faith. Not some radicals, not a few niche and violent individuals. The majority. Beyond this, a significant plurality also advocate sexism, racism, slavery, organized bigotry, anti-intellectualism, the execution and torture of anyone critical of their faith, and even wholesale genocide of anyone not entirely within their subset of their faith.

“I was not actually talking about Evangelical Christians, but rather Muslims.”

These actions, beliefs and traditions are truly out of step with our modern society. It is time we c0nfront them head on, and, of course, it is time I tell you that I was not actually talking about Evangelical Christians, but rather Muslims. Every single one of these facts is not true of the majority of Christians, but is true of the Majority of Muslims

None of this is my opinion, none of this is Islamophobic, these are simply facts. Facts, those pesky little things the regressive “progressives” have come to hate so much. Facts based on polling of the International Muslim community and here at home. I’m not advocating any cause other than a greater emphasis on education about what it is Muslims as a whole believe, and the ability to ask questions of it’s adherents, and be critical of certain practices and indeed anyone who engages in these practices.

If it is “Islamophobic” to demand an end to these practices and wholesale confrontation with anyone, regardless of nation, race and religion who advocates these awful ideals, then I guess I’m Islamophobic. And I’ll wear that as a badge of honor. I don’t know how anyone who claims to be a liberal, an advocate for free speech, a defender of innocent, or indeed and American, could claim anything less.

Now because people are stupid, let me state, no this doesn’t mean all Muslims hold these believes. No, I’m not saying we should punish those who don’t hold these beliefs or take part in these practices accountable for those that do. This is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, but apparently many on the left are worried that others don’t and so we are all expected to constantly reaffirm these remarkably obvious statements.

Lastly, it is time the left acknowledge their prejudices against the Christians of this country and denounce mainstream Islam. Literal Islam and Christianity are both obviously entirely incompatible with a modern liberal democracy. The difference is, the overwhelming majority of contemporary mainstream Christian churches and believers have by and large separated themselves from scriptural literalism and archaic biblical punitive laws. Whereas the overwhelming majority of Muslims continue to hold and engage in the enforcement and practice of these same medieval constructs. Acknowledging and condemning this is no more Islamophobia than acknowledging and condemning the Westboro baptist church is Christianophobia.

Enough with the Hyperbole. Liberals, all you’re doing is pushing moderates into the arms of Idealogues like Donald Trump. Facts don’t have phobias.

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