Barreling Down the Slippery Slope
Daniel Thomas Krall

Great article. I tend to agree that unprecedented isn’t the right word for it. Although the Presidents actions and the political climate as a whole is extraordinarily unusual. But there is plenty of precedent to what’s happening here. The culmination of which just occurred in Turkey with Erdogan altering the constitution to become effectively a dictator. We saw it in Russia a decade ago when Putin succeeded his Presidency as Prime Minister, only to reestablish himself as President after some slicing and dicing of their constitutional limitations on his power. We must continue to remind people of how strange what’s happening is.

Even if no law has been broken… morals, protocol and decorum have been cast aside. And they have value. Our shared belief in democracy is what kept it going, not the laws that established the frame work that allowed he democracy to function. Likewise, it is a shared belief in the bulk of our laws and for the rights of government to create them, courts to enact them, police to enforce them, and each and every one of us to endorse them.

Laws that lack support for any one of those branches are rarely effective. That is of course, unless one branch becomes unduly powerful. Be it a tyrant, a bad judge, a bad cop, or the tyranny of the mob. All of which Donald Trump has seemingly endorsed

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