So, for example, if I’m attending college, I have to get straight A’s in order to obtain an internship that Chad could get with a 2.0.
Mark Zuckerberg Hates Black People
The DiDi Delgado

I really can’t tell if you’re trolling and writing in a way to deliberately piss off conservatives, libertarians and white men in general. This example about college is what leads me to believe you probably are trolling. Affirmative action at both public and private universities significantly lowers the requisite grades for black students compared to white or asian students. Worse still, affirmative action does not consider the 3 most significant variables that predict a lower GPA.

1. Guardian status. Who raises you and where and how they live you is the best indicator of your future success. A 2 parent home in which both parents attended college being the ideal. With 2 parents 1 college, 1 no college being next. 2 parents no college and 1 parent some college are statistically similar, single fathers children perform slightly better than single mother or being raised by other relatives, then and down the list we go until you have children with no parents, raised entirely in foster care with no educated role models.

2. Household income. Of course this ties into the first point but taken independently growing up with money greatly advantages you in life, access to resources, better schools, probably lower stress. The list goes on.

3. Average GPA of Classmates. Once again, this one is likely multifaceted its cause as well as its effects.

Notice what isn’t there? Race. It’s not the color of your parents that is a good indicator, it’s their presence in the home, educational attainment, appreciation of learning, good example, as well as the resources and stability they provide.

Let’s say Kid A, was raised by 2 multimillionaire parents who both attended a graduate program, read to him and enrolled him in a top tier school.

And Kid B, was raised by his single mother who didn’t speak English, in poor neighborhood. And then this mother was killed forcing the child to spend 6 years jumping around the county in a string of foster homes.

Well if Kid A is Black and Kid B is Asian, Kid B requires an extra 400 points of the SATs to match Kid As special consideration that affirmative action affords him because life has been so hard for Kid A, what with him being black and all. And that actually happened at Yale.

The only way that makes sense is if Affirmative Action laws are designed to correct for some character defect within the black population that is so profound it can not overcome any circumstances with further special assistance. It’s racist as all hell.

So I don’t know where you’re getting this “Black Tax” from, because the Bureau of Labor, IRS, Social Security Administration Office of Research Evaluation and Statistics, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. White and Asian Americans pay more on balance than they received in welfare payments or other government assistance. Meanwhile the vast majority of black Americans receive more in government assistance than they pay in tax. Sounds more like a White Tax to me.

Then we get to Zuckerberg. First things first, Mark hasn’t personally added code to Facebook in years. So let’s rule out the idea he could unilaterally do this. The Facebook source code is complex and is available to most departments in full, if he were to add something that targeted or allowed discrimination by race, it would be picked up the second their algorithms noticed a discrepancy in the way one group was being affected and others weren’t. This would prompt an immediate investigation by multiple departments, including human resources, inhouse ethics board, company auditors, community outreach panel, as well as many interested parties, and it it would be leaked to the press within hours if their were even a chance Zuck could be responsible for deliberate malicious targeting of black people, it would leak to the press.

Which brings me to my second point. No wise CEO, particularly one reliant on young people, would negatively target black people right now. Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump have created the worst race relations in a generation. Why would he want to insert himself and his billion dollar company in the middle of all that?

Third. What evidence can you provide before making such a ridiculous aspersion. For starters. Police Lives Matter is not a reportable group. What is offensive about what they are saying? If you believe that is offensive you are not aligned with mainstream ethical moorings and are certainly showing complete disregard for freedom to assemble, free speech, and other civic minded considerations.

Which would lead me to believe you may well be posting material that while acceptable in your circle of friends, is outside of the bounds of civil discourse for most Americans. Using he N-word in public posts, sharing material in which active threats are made such as “I want to kill The Don” or. “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” Or anything else considered threatening or liable to incite violence.

Finally, I’d be willing to bet the reason these Neo Nazis you’ve used as examples aren’t removed where you are is because you and your message is likely infinitely more popular and likely to be restated. The more it is restated then