White people criticizing Beyoncé’s twins’ names is an act of equal parts fear and violence, which is unsurprising since those two things usually come from the same place.
Beyoncé and the racist criticism of “weird” baby names
Jessica Blankenship

No it’s not. And you’re clearly as stupid as your a celebrities baby name choice. Lets break this down shall we.

  1. Nobody is scared of the Carter children. Envious? Maybe. Intimidated? Possibly. But not because they’re black. Because they’re rich as Mansa Musa, connected as the internet, and stand a pretty good chance of inheriting the genetic, social and learned talents and work ethic of their superstar parent.
  2. It’s not violence, because ya know, it isn’t violent. Stop conflating criticism with violence. Stop fabricating systems and causations where only individual assholes and vague correlations exist.

And you’re unsurprising. People dare criticize your queen and you overreact and accuse them of all manor of sins and bigotry. Because surely, nobody could legitimately have a criticism of Queen B. That’d be impossible.

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