Shutting Down Vine Is Racist According To SJW’s.

And the racist laws of physics.

Another day, another victim. So sayeth the Bible of the social justice warrior. This time, the victim is people of color(again). The perpetrator of the injustice is Twitter. And the crime is the company making the decision to shutdown a product that is losing money and has done so since its inception. I’ve seen these idiotic SJW’s say some dumb shit before, but this one is really competing for the title of dumbest complaint yet.

As soon as the announcement was made to shutter Vine, a bunch of professional victims ironically took to Twitter to complain about the companies decision. Twitter user brokeymcpoverty is convinced the man is out to ruin black people’s fun.

Where as others called the decision a hate crime or suggested fighting it. I don’t know how they plan to do that and on what grounds, but don’t ever let facts, laws and logic trump feelings, whining and victimhood.

Over at The Vox they wrote a very long and very stupid article about how (presumably white) people’s lack of understanding of vine caused it to shut down. They conclude this is a “huge cultural loss”. Yes the PC eternal victims are out in force. Thankfully, they will be ignored this time around. But my god, what’s wrong with this country.

In other news, apparently science and the laws of physics are racist now. According to some ridiculous students you can see here, science and the laws of physics are a colonial force, thrust upon non-white people. The poor little snowflakes don’t even have a way within science to “de-colonize” it, whatever they means. So they silence students in the class that insist that the laws of physics aren’t racist. After all “they don’t even know Newton.” And “science is totalizing” and “western modernity”.

The best part of the video is when someone points out that using black magic to have someone hit by lightning isn’t possible, and then the moderator proceeds to chastise him and tell him this is a safe space. That’s right. Safe spaces are so safe now, not even science can get in.

But this is what we’re becoming. We’re becoming a society that accepts any bullshit opinion, regardless of how flawed, provided it comes from those perceived to have less power. While encouraging criticism of the choices and opinions, regardless of how sound, from those perceived to have power. So forgive me and my cis gendered, straight white male, colonized western modernity opinion….but Fuck that.

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