Victim Blaming Is Out Of Control

Crime-Culture Must End

It’s amazing that in this day and age, there is still so much victim blaming. Not a day goes by without another article on Jezebel , Vox, HuffP, the Guardian etc. telling us which thoughts are allowed, and which aren’t. Still there is still so much victim blaming. It’s not just the usual cast sexist police chiefs, small towns mayors or right wing radio hosts, this is institutional.

I’ve seen signs telling people to beware! As if it’s our responsibility to prevent these criminals. Enough with the victim blaming.

Let’s take my day for example. I left home for school around 8am. Just one block from home I encountered my first example of victim blaming. Look at this sign, it’s absolutely deplorable.

How about teaching drivers to look one way and stop victim blaming.

Look both ways. LOOK BOTH WAYS!!! I had the walk light. Why would I look both ways? Here’s an idea for the city… don’t teach pedestrians to look both ways, teach drivers not to run red lights. Naturally I went to the nearest hardware store, bought some “teach drivers to drive.” That’s sure to comfort the family of that guy who was ran over and killed while texting last week. His family can mourn, safely in the knowledge fewer people will “victim blame” their loved one.

This victim blaming needs to stop before there is a mass outbreak of personal accountability

Think that’s the end of my day of horrors? If you do you haven’t been paying attention to the patriarchy in all its evil. Look at this sign and tell me what’s wrong with it?

How about a sign that tells people not to steal from cars and doesn’t blame victims.

That’s right, more victim blaming. Where are the signs telling people not to steal. They might as well tell them it’s totally ok to rob me if I was foolish enough to leave my belongings in the car. This victim blaming needs to stop before there is a mass outbreak of personal accountability.

Victim blaming affects everyone. But in the emotionally charged issue of rape and sexual assault, ideology often trumps logic, and emotions trumps reason. It’s important that we acknowledge that steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a particular crime. Rape and sexual violence is just like all other forms of crime in that sense. And, as with other forms of crime, someone can do everything right to reduce their chances of being a victim of that crime, and still find themselves victimized.

It’s obvious to all sensible people that it is never the victims fault they were raped. No more than the victims of burglary, car jacking or murder. But acknowledging it wasn’t those victims fault, never stopped us from telling people to lock their doors.

Saying “teach men not to rape.” is just as effective as saying “teach people not to murder.” It is not effective at all. Suggesting, women travel in groups and watch how much they drink is simply good advice. It’s unfortunate we live in a world with predatory men (and women) but we do. And that 3% of men who are dangerous, are no more likely to stop raping if you teach not to, than the guy who steals iPhones from cars would if you told him stealing is wrong. They both already know it. They do it anyway. This isn’t an education issue, it’s a crime and justice issue.

But as usual, the batshit crazy feminists are leading the mob. Screaming and shouting, accusing every sensible recommendation to reduce rape, as in some way complicit with the rapist. They have no qualms at all with silencing the very victims they purport to protect once the victim doesn’t buy into their rape culture cult.

If you’re a sensible, level headed person, how can you stand alongside third wave feminists. Their movement is built on lies, moralizing and fearmongering. Every major reform advocated by feminists, is based on falsehoods and misinterpretation of data. The failure to understand data and control for bias, occurs at such a degree, it would be devastating if they were not deliberately lying.

Everyone has heard the 1 in 4 women are raped on campus myth as parroted by The NY Times. Which is almost as terrifying as how wrong that number is. According to the bureau of justice statistics, the actual number is around 6–7 in 1,0000. Around 40 times lower than their bogus number.

But hey, feminists do have some real issues to complain about. It’s just bullshit stats and victim blaming. They’ve also got “rape culture”, manspreading, and mansplaining.

And if those seem like ridiculous, unquantifiable and entirely subjective first world problems, have no fear. Women also make up 92% of work fatalities, 94% of work related suicides, 77% of homicide victims, 82% of custody losses and 95% of no-fault involuntary child custody losses. Oh wait….That’s the men. But you didn’t know that did you. You were busy protesting the nonexistent wage gap, nonexistent rape epidemic or first world nonsense. What will it take for you to denounce these lunatics?

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