Dear Mike Pence: a letter from my two year old daughter.
Rachael Flanery

Wow, good job using your daughter to spout this drivel. Pence is right to choose to protect his marriage and his wife’s emotional wellbeing over some woman and her desire to get the inside scoop.

Are you such a sex machine that you can’t be responsible for your actions around women? Wait, who does that remind me of…

This is all the liberals and feminists have to target him with. They create the false narrative that he is choosing not to dine in the company of just one woman because he thinks he’s so irresistible. I don’t recall him saying that? I don’t recall Mike Pence ever displaying a single character trait that is congruent with this assessment.

And even if he did, so what? He’d be right to hold that concern. Between 30% and 60% of married Americans engage in an affair throughout their marriage. Do you think they’re all models? No, they’re just as mixed as the marriages themselves. And he’s a good looking man, former governor, current Vice President, with a lot of money and power and down home charm. For goodness sake, there are literally thousands of women who would love to jump his neatly pressed suits. And he chooses not to let them.

He also chooses not to let his wife worry that he might by making choices that demonstrate clearly, the he values his marriage more than a meal. That he his commitment to his wife, family and god above all else.

I’d be more than willing to bet money Pence has adopted the policy for the following reasons, to reassure his wife, prevent nasty gossip spreading and also to set an example for his family, his staff and his constituents. All of which are perfectly legitimate reasons to simply schedule meals in groups or eat alone.

And there are many many more reasons that one might wish to adopt this policy. Not wanting to give a woman the wrong idea, not wishing to discriminate between women he was attracted to and wasn’t, wishing to curry favor with the religious right, and not wishing to give anyone the opportunity to make a false allegation of sexual wrongdoing or and affair. While I don’t believe these are Pence’s motives I couldn’t fault him if they were.

I’m almost certain they are the ludicrous and deluded motives you’re assigning to his anything but ludicrous policy.

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