Varius Solutions, 2018 | Design Lead | Duration : 1 year

🐦 @hunterrice20

Universal Language

Products pivot, focus veers, and target demographics swivel. The malleability of startup visions might resemble that of gold, but durable design foundations withstand the creative winds as visions solidify.

Here’s a peek into my underlying thought process while forming the basic building blocks of Varius Studio.


Design is the center piece of the consumer experience. Yes, scope creep is inevitable, but as products make their way to new platforms and internal teams expand, a proper design system preserves unification, and facilitates clean code.

Over the course of…

BLOCKv, 2017 | Design Lead (UI/UX/Interaction)| Duration: 8 months

🐦 @hunterrice20

As a project under blockchain company, BLOCKv, RoundUp mission was to leverage their digital object technology in gamifying university campus life. From research, we learned that universities were struggling to engage students at on-campus sporting and educational events.

The iOS application is an engagement tool for colleges and universities to help students discover campus events, and stay engaged during their attendance. I led design on this project from concept to launch, utilizing data collected from user testing and HCD.

SLIC Sports, 2017 | UI/UX & Interaction Design | Duration : 6 weeks

🐦 @hunterrice20


Sports Lifestyle in Culture (SLIC) is a platform that gives athletes and superstars a voice to communicate directly with their fans. Founded by former NBA All-Star, Baron Davis, SLIC creates original content that showcases the lifestyle of athletes, entertainers, and artists.

Baron contracted me for a quick 6 week sprint to bring his idea to life with hi-fidelity mockups and an interactive prototype.


What would Netflix look like with only five shows? Or Instagram with only five posts?

Personal Project, 2015 | User Experience | Duration: 3 months

🐦 @hunterrice20


I was seeking to build a deeper foundation for my web development capabilities, and like any fledgling developer, I turned to Stack Overflow for programming help. For the most part, it served its purpose, but when it came to broader concepts, the deferred Q&A format became limiting.

I approached the best web developer I knew and sought to build a more interactive, real-time solution.

Personal Project, 2012 | Branding & Product Design | Duration : 2 years

🐦 @hunterrice20


Beyond US was a socially conscious venture that married my passion for simplistic design with my experience in t-shirt manufacturing.

My objective was to harness powerful product design to raise awareness and funding for local charities.


I was tasked with concealing bold design on a subtle canvas —the bold to spark conversation, the subtle to allow everyday wear.

The product needed to be edgy enough to attract attention, but simple and versatile enough to fit both your gym and work attire.

Hunter Rice

Product Designer focusing on visual elegance and simplicity.

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