RoundUp — UX & Gamification

Mockup of BLOCKv’s digital object technology



What campuses without RoundUp looked like


1. Rules & Constraints

  1. Discover events hosted on the app
  2. Attend (check-in) to earn points.
  3. Top 3 campus scoring leaders each week win a valuable prize.
  1. Event Constraints: The easiest of the three, that I didn’t have to do much work towards, was the natural constraint of events. On average, there were about 25–40 events hosted on RoundUp per campus each week, so I made that number clear in the UI. Checking in to all 40 events felt difficult, yet feasible.
  2. Invitation Limits: An extremely effective growth hack that had the ability to boost players into the next leaderboard position, was the concept of inviting friends to events. Each time a user invited a friend, they earned 50 points. I limited this to 2 invites per event, which would sometimes double the potential value of that event (100 points for attending, and 50 per invite). It wasn’t uncommon for a user to invite 100 contacts their first week!!!
  3. Time Pressure: Each Sunday night, we would announce a new prize that our users would work towards during the course of the week. This kept motivation high, because if our users had to study for midterms that week, or joined the app late, they could pick it back up the following week. I made this clear in our UI by displaying a countdown timer on the main page that would reset each Sunday. This would urge participants to act quickly to increase their position before time expired.
Students were allowed up to 2 invites per event to earn up to 100 bonus points

2. Value Proposition

Each week the grand prize was displayed in the app’s most prominent position.

3. Positive Reinforcement

RoundUp “Wallet” View

4. Progress

RoundUp Leaderboard View

5. Variability

Live “Double Time” Event

Role in UI & Interaction Design




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