Why hasn’t Madonna weighed in?

What The White House is Talking About:
Will Barack Obama play his 8th round of vacation golf.

What the White House Press Corps is Talking About: 
Obama is apparently back to not speaking the name Donald Trump.

“Running Scared”:
At a pricey Martha’s Vineyard fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the DNC at a private home last night, the president ​didn’t say the words Donald Trump. “Frankly, I’m tired of talking about her opponent.” But he reminded the crowd not to get complacent. “If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake.”

GITMO, More Go:
The Pentagon yesterday afternoon announced Obama had approved the transfer of 15 more detainees from Guantanamo Bay, the largest single group of his presidency.

Art as Politics: 
You have until August 25th to catch the fabulous Art as Politics show at Touchstone Gallery, where this Obama (as Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld?) oil portrait by Fuentes is for sale.

Instagram: acreativedc

There’s also a painting of Hillary Clinton as George Washington.

Tuesday Junk:

The Olympics story last night wasn’t Simone Biles, it was this guy.

“Some People Approach Me and Say, ‘Man, You Are Such an Idiot’”:
This quote from Mark Leibovich’s Q&A with former Congressman Anthony Weiner. If you read this space you know I was engrossed with the recent documentary, “Weiner,” which Weiner tells Leibovich neither he nor wife, Huma Abedin, have seen.

ATTN GOP Booze Hounds!:
Snatch these cocktail napkins up at next month’s Christie’s auction of Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s private collection, because they are AMAZING:

But you’ll have to beat me to them…

What The Beltway is Talking About:
The end-of-days storm that hit Washington rush hour yesterday.

Twitter: @chelmcp

What America is Talking About:
Lorenzo, the Olympic dressage horse Spain’s Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez rode in a routine set to Santana’s “Smooth” feat. Rob Thomas.

Getty Images: John MacDougall

He’s no Rafalca Romney, but not bad.

That Hug, Though:
Biden hugged Clinton and didn’t let go for nearly 16 seconds yesterday on the tarmac before their campaign event in Scranton, Penn., yesterday. Awkward.

Why Hasn’t Madonna Weighed In?:
Today is Madonna’s birthday, and in anticipation of articles like 58 Iconic Photos Of Madonna For Her 58th Birthday, I was thinking about the many instances she’s weighed in on politics. I’m shocked at how little she’s said about the election. The thing to know about Madonna’s politics are they’re liberal, and they’re often on display when she’s on tour.

Getty Images: Zak Kaczmarek

Her 2005 song “I Love New York” included the lyrics “just go to Texas / isn’t that where they golf?,” which she changed to “just go to Texas / AND YOU CAN SUCK GEORGE BUSH’S DICK” in The Confessions Tour version.

During her 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour, she juxtaposed Hitler with McCain and Huckabee in a video interlude for the song “Get Stupid.” Obama and Gore were shown on screen in a later portion of the video along with Mother Teresa. And on her 2012 MDNA Tour, she asked the crowd to “not vote for Mitt Romney” in Chicago. Her anti-Romney speech drew some boos at the tour’s New Orleans stop.

But her Rebel Heart Tour, which wrapped up its U.S. leg in January, was U.S. presidential politics-free. Maybe it had to do with timing and had it started a year later, she would have used the spotlight to bash Trump or Cruz or something. But she also didn’t seem as enamored with Clinton or Sanders as she was with Obama. According to FEC records, Madonna hasn’t donated in 2016 (her most recent donations were in 2008, when she gave $28,500 to Obama Victory Fund and $2,300 to Obama for America).

Trump has a public history with fellow New Yorker Madonna. In a 1991 call between the publicist “John Miller” (who you’ll remember is believed to actually just be Trump) and People magazine, “Miller” saidMadonna wanted to go out with Trump. Then in 1992, Trump commented on her “Sex” book, calling her body “not great.” “I don’t think you’ll be impressed,” he said. “If Madonna were in this room, she’d be the least attractive woman here.” Then he tweeted this in 2012:

Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Listen, you can be critical of Madonna for many reasons. For her politics, for every album she’s released since Confessions on a Dancefloor . But never — NEVER — call her concerts terrible. The Queen of Pop can put on a show. Now please excuse me while I go listen to “Vogue.”

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