Second Seeds: The New Normal But Know This…

Hunter Walk
Sep 26, 2018 · 2 min read

I delete my tweets periodically, so wanted to capture some good discussions regarding seed bridges and founder/investor expectations.

These two previous blog posts provide context

The Three Types of “Second Seed” Rounds: Too Cold, Too Hot and Just Right

For Fundraising, Seed is No Longer a Round, It’s a Phase

So what can mess up a seed extension process? Expectations gap!

Then folks like Science’s Peter Pham and Breather’s CEO noted this maddening point about data

As a seed investor, I find myself both as “existing investor” and “potential investor” depending on the situation!

And as Agrilyst’s CEO points out, early stage pricing is almost always a “who knows?!?”

Whatever your situation, just hope to play on and stay in the game!

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