CNA Week 1

Article 1

T-Rex on display at Virginia Museum of Natural History

The Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, VA has a new dinosaur exhibit that has the public’s full attention. “Ivin”, a 65 percent complete T-Rex fossil, was found in South Dakota in 2007 and is now on display for the museum’s Dino Day. Alex Hastings from the Virginia Museum of Natural History says that the T-Rex model is a close replication of what the dinosaur would have actually looked like, due to the amount of bones actually uncovered in South Dakota.

Article 2

Inmates help clear up the snow in Roanoke City

With all of the snow that hit the Virginia area this weekend, inmates in the City of Roanoke are lending a helping hand to clean up the city. Inmates that are in the outside work crew program definitely have their work cut out for them, but Captain Kimberly Haddox says that they are making progress. The outdoor work crews also help with lawn care and picking up trash during the summer.

Article 3

Liberty University President in support of Trump

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has publicly endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign, stating that his support of Trump is strictly personal. Falwell made it clear in his statement that he holds Mr. Trump in high regard, even comparing him to his own father. Trump stated that he considers Jerry to be a close friend and greatly appreciates his support.