Episode 7

It’s been too long since we last spoke. I wrote something. I’ve been listening to the audiobook “And Sometimes I Wonder About You” by Walter Mosley. He writes somethings. Beautiful things. He translates these small moments of life into interesting details. This verse contains my daily commute, soaking up sunshine at lunchtime, and being overwhelmed with the uselessness of Snapchat. Hopefully some of my tiny pieces of life can be interesting beautiful details.

Plus I recorded a little raggedy video of the verse. I figure you might want to hear some of this every now and then.

While stubborn rubberneckers watch windshields like reality TV and can’t even seemingly drive still
I listen to Walt Mosely and pretend like the best detectives can’t find a pain in my spine or lack of will
Funny you ask I was ready to devil dance but found wings in the way that only sunlight can drown things
And never pull life from the carcass but harnesses good will to build skills that’s ever so astounding
We all creatures of habit inhabiting habitats on display posing for facebook and snapchat stories
Traversing memories and flashbacks in hazmat suits shucking the truth that snatches back glory
From the claws of defeat at the seat of the kings throne where home is a peasant’s pleasantly meek posture
Counting ill-gotten golden tax revenue until they call for the emperor’s head screaming impostor!

— Mercury Waters

I make songs with music too. Over here. And here.

Oh yeah. The video.