Episode 9

The end is nigh. The world is coming to an end. It’s just a sign of the time. The devil is just too out of control right now. It can’t get any worse. The lord must riding on his cloud at this very moment. ETA to Times square is T-minus 16 seconds.

My great-grandfather died waiting for his return, and so did his children’s children. With the warning signs being so clear, why is the fear not strong enough to motivate us. Maybe in this scary, horror filled world, fear has lost it’s power.


what’s this future where terror from computer’s worse than bruisers from Fallujah

and treasure troves of knowledge hide in google-fied minutia

pursuers of lucifer no longer move through sewers

they in broad day-light from they lies blind truth

from the mouth of babes stay of execution for the nooser

and 25 to life for every innocent accuser

prayers like a rumor only spoken in hushed tones

the few allowed to touch thrones are closeted abusers

the golden rule is losing its touchstone for purity

lawyers move quarters into quarantine for surety

fear of the poverty is novel but the true pretty magic in a bottle

is the faith that was afforded apostles

in short supply since the son of man ran the land

with a heart wide enough to stretch the frame on any panoramic cameraman’s stand

smuggling 20 grams of love hand to hand