What I Want You To Say

When I ask you want you want to do with your life, this is what I want you to say:

  • i mean…
  • i don’t want to be pigeonholed and pigeon-toed in a penguin suit.
  • i don’t want to be too familiar with here.
  • i want to be able to live in a tower of neckbeard and smell like the forest and charred firewood.
  • i want to tailor my life around what i want to be. and be able to grow a family around love and art and not the confines of salary or schedules.
  • i want a woman who will chase my tail as much as i chase hers.
  • i want the space i occupy to mold itself around me like waves carving sand.
  • i want to make things better and people better and me better.
  • i want her to know an alternate route to the goal we both share. and feel free to lead the way until we meet back up at the sun.
  • i want to raise teachers who are more than happy with me being their only student.

also, this is what i want to say to myself