Monorepos are brilliant in the right use cases, but often not without a cause-questioning level of setup complication. In the JavaScript ecosystem, Yarn Workspaces provides a mature tool for managing dependencies near-seamlessly, however this is not pairable with a React Native app by default.

Last year I undertook a migration to merge our previously separate frontend repositories into (what has become) our largest codebase. …

Getting started with fish, the friendly interactive shell

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So far in my time using Unix systems I have stuck with Bash as my preferred shell environment. This is for various reasons, but mostly for its ubiquity. There are well-known alternative shell projects such as zsh, which build upon Bash with an “add more” attitude, but that hadn’t swayed me to become a long-term user in the past.

is a significant departure from Bash, released in 2005 with the brilliant slogan, “Finally, a command line shell for the 90s”. With a bit of time and curiosity, it seemed worthwhile to give it a quick try.

Keeping minimal

The need for a plugin framework or patched to configure my shell environment never really appealed to me. With Bash I had only built up a humble selection of aliases, exports and functions, with the aim of minimalism and portability (setup on new systems involves simply running stow bash from my repository). With fish I’ve ended up needing to configure less things, and what I have is noticeably cleaner. …

One of the more recent FinTech startups to come out the London tech scene is , a consumer money product launched in January of this year. I picked one up in March, and have had a good amount of time to reflect on the Curve card and its features.

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Curve is a free, MasterCard-issued contactless debit card linked to a mobile app. A second, premium offering Curve Black is also available. Curve aims to be the only card you need to carry, allowing you to charge payments and cash withdrawals to any other MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card, centralising your transactions from multiple providers in a single app. …


Alex Hunt

London-based software developer. Building a platform for mental wellbeing at @unmindhq.

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