Quick Tips for Treestand Placement

Almost every hunter has its own questions and views regarding tree stand placement. Most often asked query related to hunt is “How high to go on the tree?”. Every situation is not alike and there aren’t any rules for exceptions. Many bow hunters, no doubt make last minute stand changes and preparations, hoping to get a monster buck shot, but soon realize the false decisions. Few techniques followed during hunt session can turn your experience into a good one.

Some practices that can help in placing an effective Tree stand are:

  • Play the wind and thermal

Pay caution to the wind and thermal current in the area before selecting a tree. There is need to remain down-wind or cross-wind from the location where there are chances of deer habitat.

  • Place it high

In majority of cases, its best to place a stand at such a height that doesn’t limit the shot opportunities. Go as high as you can till you feel comfortable. Getting up higher can keep your body scent away from animals and can allow you to concentrate at wider range of areas.

  • Use the available cover

In a less leafy tree, there are chances to go higher as compared to a tree with good cover of leaves. Look for a cluster of branches, or a tree with a “Y” shaped trunk for concealment.

  • Follow the sun position

Determine the position of the sun prior to the time of hunting. Its position should be considered as the light is too bright that you wont be able to see or hunt properly, if it falls directly on you or the deer.

  • Search for an easy to climb tree

Either pick a tree that seems easy to climb or make it easy to climb that tree. If you are successful in finding a great spot, but are creating a disturbance sound while climbing, you’ll actually alert the deers and the great spot will offer you nothing. Use tree steps or ladders to scale the treestand safely and quietly.

  • Prepare the site to make a shot

In reference to bow hunting, along with a good spot and a perfect height, take some time to trim few shooting lanes or windows, so as to sneak an arrow through when the moment of actual hunt arrives.

Treestands are the best harvest tool for hunting compared to other methods. These were the basic stand placement rules that can help you in safe hunting with good results. True North Treestands is an online store that offers a wide range of quality treestands and accessories including tree climbing ladders.

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