13th of December 2018

By Vivienca Luong

F or many crypto enthusiasts, it’s definitely time to celebrate a year full of achievements, knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Which is why, at Huobi Australia, we hosted the BIGGEST Crypto Christmas Party of the Year for all our amazing members!

The venue was provided by the Blockchain Centre and the prizes were sponsored by our mates from Coinstop, NEM, Nugget’s News and Cryptorganics. We hosted Trivia, a Poker tournament, Huobi Australia Logo Hunt, Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Trivia, booze, food and over $2000 in crypto and prizes.


By Adrian Harrison

Photo by Louis Amal on Unsplash

2 018 was a challenging year for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and our local blockchain ecosystem. As more and more crypto whales became selective with their investments and began pulling funding, the viability of an increasing number of tokens was scrutinised.

We are, however, at a critical inflection point. Throughout time, every period of technological progress and successful innovation could not be sustained without a preliminary stage of overcoming initial setbacks, fears and criticism levelled at the latest spate of emerging technologies that defined a particular era. Blockchain is no different. …

During the 2008 Financial Crisis in the United States, someone behind the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto” published an online article titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. It described a new electronic cash system: Bitcoin.

Without the need of a central authority, the decentralized digital currency system is able to control the supply and issuance.

You can transfer Bitcoin to anyone in the world via the Bitcoin network. It is secure and every transaction is recorded. The release of the White Paper also marked the birth of Bitcoin’s underlying technology — Blockchain.

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20th of November 2018

By Daniel Paperny

T he fallout of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2018 has meant a growing swathe of Australian blockchain companies are turning to security token offerings (STOs) as a more viable means of regaining investor trust in cryptocurrencies.

However, any progress and advancement with STOs must be met with equal protections afforded to both investors and consumers according to Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of Nuggets News Australia.

Speaking at a fireside chat on the future of blockchain and security tokens at Crypto Sydney on Tuesday night, Saunders said that while ICOs have courted…

The concept of Bitcoin (BTC) was created by Satoshi Nakamoto as a peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency.

In 2009, Nakamoto mined the first block and received 50 Bitcoins as a block reward. The block reward is halved every four years and all Bitcoins are estimated to be mined by 2140, with a total supply of 21 million in circulation.

As time passed, Bitcoin gradually attained market recognition. Germany became the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin payments; Microsoft, Dell and other renowned companies followed suit; You can even buy an Alienware computer using Bitcoins! …

21st of November 2018

By Vivienca Luong

Over 60 people present at the Blockchain Centre to hear from five professional traders.

A s this crypto winter becomes more crisp and chilly, some traders may either disperse and attempt to frantically scramble out or some may huddle to stay warm and learn from other traders on how to conquer and excel.

In partnership with the Blockchain Centre, we brought together five professional cryptocurrency traders to share insights and experiences on how they are still actively trading and growing their portfolios in this bear market. The panel included Matt Harry (CEO at Cloudbreak Assets), Johnathan Ross (Managing Director at Coinstop), Queenie Tang (Investment Manager at Blockchain…

15th of November 2018

By Vivienca Luong

Blockchain and Crypto Regulatory Update in Southbank, Melbourne.

W e are still at the very early stages in the adoption and development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So where are we in terms of the legal framework? And what approach are the Australian and Chinese regulators taking?

We had a highly informative and intelligible session on the current blockchain and crypto regulatory framework of Australia and China from our speakers:

  • Derek Henningsen — Head of Legal and Compliance at Huobi Australia
  • Andrew Fei — Harvard Attorney & Senior Associate at King & Wood Mallesons

Some key insights from our speakers can…

How did we get to where we are now? We’re going to take you through a brief evolution of currencies.

In the past, people used commodities such as shells and jewellery as currency. Due to their rarity, they were used as a store of value.

We then moved on to using banknotes. Banknotes are cheap to produce, yet can be traded for high valued goods. This is because they are backed by the government. With the rise of the internet, we went from banknotes to the money of account. In our bank account, figures are added or subtracted when we…

16th of October 2018

By Lien Truong, Johnson Xu and Vivienca Luong

Over 160 people in attendance to hear from experts and leaders in the Security Tokens and Blockchain Technology field.

Utility Versus Security Tokens

A s our world becomes more complicated, we begin to realise the need for innovation to create efficiencies and assurance in how we transact and invest. There has already been a lot of light shone upon ICOs and utility tokens, so we here at Huobi Australia got to work in collaboration with Nugget’s News, to organise an event which showcased the World of Security Tokens to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

The event began with our CEO Adrian Harrison welcoming the space and introducing speakers…

18th of September 2018

By Lien Truong and Vivienca Luong

Over 70 people in attendance at the Blockchain Centre (Melbourne) to hear from leaders of Top Australian Blockchain Projects.

W e were lucky enough to organise an event with what turned out to be an Australian Blockchain all-star panel with CanYa, Power Ledger, Horizon State, Loki, ShareRing and the former Marketing Lead of Havven.

Panel members included:

  • JP Thor — Canya CEO
  • David Martin — Power Ledger CEO
  • Chris McCabe — Loki Operations Lead
  • Nimo Naamani — Horizon State CTO
  • Tim Bos — ShareRing CEO
  • Lucy Lin — Previous Marketing Lead for Havven

The theme for the night was geared towards project teams sharing tales of their journey, the…

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