A step-by-step guide with Python codes to building Artificial Neural Networks to predict Customer Default.

What is Biological Neuron?

The whole purpose of Artificial Neural Networks is to look at the human brain’s architecture in the hope that we can mimic how a human brain works and build such an intelligent artificial learning mechanism.

First let’s talk about the biological neurons which are the basic building blocks of the human brain and nervous system. So I am not going to sit here and pretend to be a neuroscientist, but an easy way to understand the structure of neuron is thinking of it as a…

A simple step by step guide how to build a static site and host it with a custom domain for FREE using a combination of Hugo+Github+Netlify

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I have always wanted to blog and have my own website and I finally did! It feels so good!

I never imagined myself being a web developer. Honestly, web development itself along with all the technical things behind it sounds boring to me. what actually excites me is the designing part of the website. How you do the graphics, the interactivity, the colors, the layout. You name it. I think a web designer should not only be technically proficient but also be a creative and artistic individual who can think out of the box :)

Apparently I have no clue…

I often question why Shutter Island ended up with Ted asking Chuck: “what would be worse: to live as a monster or to die as a good man” and failed to have the third alternative, that of improving the way things are….

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As I grow further into my adulthood, I think so much about the meaning of life. We all need a reason to wake up every morning. “We all need a reason to keep going, said the horse”. But what is really that reason? Even if there is such a reason, is it enough justify living? Many people, at…

The goal of this article is to explain what business intelligence is, and to compare Data warehouse and Data Lake architecture for doing Business intelligence.

Update 01/08/2020: I removed the process to do Business Intelligence because it resembles the internal process being used at my current company, which is considered as internal information.

What the heck is Business Intelligence?

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Business Intelligence (BI) is a term which is defined in multiple ways and it’s tough to answer with a very precise statement and scope. However, in a simple language, BI is truly about using data of yesterday and today to make better decisions about tomorrow. It can be understood as the function which ensures that raw data is transformed into meaningful information that provides insights and enables decision-making. If we think about…

This story explains what research paradigm is and demonstrates an example to explain two major paradigms: positivism and constructivism.

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I never really understood the concept of research paradigm and how important it is for doing research (I was actually tearing my hair out while trying to understand this), until when I had to work on an assignment related to this terminology for my post-master study. I hope this post might help some of you out there.

Research paradigm as a set of basic beliefs

Have you ever struggling developing a research proposal? Understanding your own belief is the first step to developing a research approach. Why? …

A simple step-by-step guide (with Python codes) that truly explains what LIME is and how it works as well as some potential pitfalls.

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Despite a booming adoption of machine learning in making critical decisions, many machine learning models remain black boxes. Here trust and ethical challenges of using machine learning in making decisions come into the picture. Because the real-world consequences of wrong prediction can be expensive. In 2017, a lawsuit was filed against three US-based companies responsible for designing and developing an automated computer system which was used by Michigan government unemployment agency and made 20,000 false fraud accusations. A good boss will also question his data team why the company should be making these critical business decisions. …

Understand the differences betweeen GROUP BY and PARTITION BY through a simple example.

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Aggregate functions are a very powerful tool to analyze the data and gain useful business insights. The most commonly used SQL aggregate functions include SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT and AVERAGE. Aggregators are very often used in conjunction with Grouping functions in order to summarize the data. In this story, I will show you how to use a combination of aggregate function and grouping functions.

Preparing some sample Data

Let’s parepare some sample data for this lesson using these scripts below. You can use different platforms of your choice, for instances SQL FIDDLE, KHAN ACADEMY etc.

CREATE TABLE Customer (id INTEGER , name TEXT, product…

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