A simple step by step guide how to build a static site and host it with a custom domain for FREE using a combination of Hugo+Github+Netlify

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I have always wanted to blog and have my own website and I finally did! It feels so good!

I never imagined myself being a web developer. Honestly, web development itself along with all the technical things behind it sounds boring to me. what actually excites me is the designing part of the website. How you do the graphics, the interactivity, the colors, the layout. You name it. I think a web designer should not only be technically proficient but also be a creative and artistic individual who can think out of the box :)

Apparently I have no clue about web development and the idea of learning CSS, HTML and JS from scratch does not sound very ideal. I have been Googling around and feel overwhelmed by all the languages, platforms and learning resources out there. If you feel the same, no worries. You are not alone. And trust me, you don’t have to be a HTML and CSS expert to start building things. Once you know a few fundamentals, you can learn as you build. …


Lan Chu

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