Where should I go from here?

Like other last year student, I have some options for my future. Should I study master degree or go to work? Where I’ll work, come back to my home country, or keep staying in a foreign country, finding the job, …. ? My father’d like me to study graduate before going to work, but I don't want to study more, at the moment. I feel tired because of study, it is a good option, but I prefer to go to work after graduating although I don't know which job I’ll be selected. Studying economics is good, because we have several choices for our work in the future, we can work on multiple tasks but we don't focus on a specific task. It is an advantage and a disadvantages also.

Coming back to Vietnam is really really good, I have my family, my friend and I can go travel to Vietnam whenever I want with my friend, or even the solo-travel, it is still great with various cheap and delicious street food, kindly people, and beautiful scene. I went travel for several countries, I could not affirm that Vietnam is more beautiful than the others, but with me, Vietnam is my paradise, even with my alone, I still feel free when I'm in Vietnam. Free on the way I go to. I want to go to Phu Quoc Island, Phan Thiet, Phu Yen, East Pole in Phu Yen, Co To Island, Hang Dong Cave, Ca Mau,…. there are so many many places I want to go in Vietnam what I didn't have chance before, and come back to Nha Trang, Da Nang with other views. And coming to visit my neighbour Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, … Of course, I also would like to go travel in other countries like Turkey, Cuba, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, … However, my “hot young blood” would love to go to the places in Vietnam more than the foreigner countries I listed above. I never make the comparison of those places I’ve gone to because each of them has an individual characteristic, it cannot compare with each other. Moreover, I love biking, I feel totally free, and I'm alive when I'm on it, I can go everywhere I like, yes it is only in the short distance, but it can be a narrow road, and I never mind about other rule of the line expect the walking people. The motorbike, car, … is better for long distance and more convenient for traveling, but I'm still prefer biking. And biking in Vietnam is great, expect the traffic jams, lol. But because every place in Vietnam is kind of close, then it is more convenient to bike rather than in Canada, it is my experiment. It is the other reason I’d love to come back Vietnam.

Some of my friends said that “don’t come back to Vietnam….” because bla bla. I have faced with some issues when I came back to Vietnam last summers, I know I’ll have to face with it for several months, even several years in Vietnam. My teacher said that he wandered in several years, traveling from the North to the South of Vietnam to find out who he was in the past, and after that he decided to teach English writing for students in Vietnam. It is a hard time of him, and I know, I would be the same as him when I come back, I ‘m on the way to find out who I am. My sister had spent several time to find out her first job in Vietnam even her GPA is high but she did not have much working experiment. I couldn't image how long will I take to find my first job in Vietnam, because my GPA is so so, my working experiment is zero, (it is my fault, now I know, it is seemed to be late, but I'll try). Some persons said that I do not have to wonder it too much because I studied abroad, it makes my résume is brighter, you have the English good, bla bla, … but the truth is I was eliminated in the internships in Vietnam several times before. It is just an internship, then I don't know if it is a job, how can I’ll pass to have my first job, even in Vietnam, in Canada or other countries.

I heard a story of my friends, she studied finance at university, and now she is working like a IT-man, other girl studied telephonic information, but she got her internship like “production testing" (I don't know exactly how to describe her job), and an other is working as an auditing while she studied finance and economics,… I realized that you do not choose the job, the job selects you. One of reason when I choosing studying at Hanu is that my teacher after a period studying time, she could say to me which job is good for my characteristic, the way I should go in my career way, … but I turned in other way before I met her, studied her then she could not help me without teaching me in a semester. I want to someone can “explore" my strength and select me perfect fit with a job, (if I’m lucky enough). I know I could not be passive like it, just waiting for someone coming to me and said that “I think you are the one I’m finding, you are perfect fit with this position, please work for me, …” Maybe, the one who said that will never come to me, and I couldn't wait for him for my whole life. And I'm on the way to find my own. It is seemed to be crazy, because now I'm in the fourth year, and I don't know who I am, how can I find my job when every cover letter I have to present my advantages and experiment are fit with the position, ….. Like the one who got lost, I don't know the way I should go in the future, the way I should select for my future. however “all roads lead to [Vietnam]”, that I think I decided. I don't want to come back to Vietnam like a loser, that I don't find any job for my future in foreigner countries, then I come to Vietnam. Anyway, I still want to come to Vietnam to help it by my own as a Vietnamese, not as “a visitor”. because now I'm still young, I’m not afraid to let myself get lost on my way ( I got lost every time I went travel, and I got interesting thing I never think I could get it before), I don't mind to try something new, but I don't know which job will designate for me in the future, I'm so excited about it.

Study graduate school is a good choice as my father said. I know with his view, the better degree I got, the smoother getting my job I could pass, but with my transcript, I believe I can be lucky enough to get the offer from an average-rank university, I never mind the ranking of university I study, the most important with me is that I feel I love it, I love the prof, the course I studied, … just all. However, how can I got the funding to afford my studies and my living? without the scholarship, I could not go study abroad, my family is not rich to pay for me, …. then I decided to go to work to earn my own money afford for my master student life IF I still want to study that (this one I'm not sure in the future) …. So it maybe the last year of me with economics or finance, then I'll try to learn more about it as much as I can. it may not be with me in the rest of my life, but we have a good time together, I hope I can do it. My “study line" in my hand is long, whenever my friends saw it, they are surprised about this line, I don't know because I’m study too bad then I have to keep studying my undergraduate for several years or because I study graduate, Ph.D and some postdoc (yeah yeah, it is not in my plan right now, because I never think it is who I’m, nevermind about it ) Nonetheless, who knows about the future, perhaps because of not getting my job, I decide to go to study, study then study and I’ll get it. Just for fun eh. Nevermind.

That is my concern right now, beside my homework, my assignment, my midterms, my study and my final in the near future. I would like to find out my first part-time job, (I'm on the way) and whatever my future is, I'm will in love with them, because it is my destination. I learnt that it does not matter where I go, the important thing is who you will go with, and after a six-month exchange student life, I learnt that, it does not matter where I go and who I go with, the essential thing is your attitude, whatever it is awesome or not, you maybe can meet it once in your life, why not to enjoy it and live like you love it.

Thanks for reading it. It is kind of messy, I know. and if you have any comment or suggestion, you are welcome, I'm appreciate to hear that. Thank you.

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