I have been reading biographies too for quite some time — Elon Musk, Peter Thiel , Steve Jobs and…
Cocoa Garage

How do you find that obsession?
The problem is how to carry that drive day after day after day?

I think the first problem, finding the obsession, is easier than the second. Exposing yourself to different ideas, ways of thinking, and projects, and seeing which of them strike a chord and get you excited is a good way to find out what your obsession can be.

I’m still struggling with a good answer for the second question. How do you keep being excited and driven throughout the great and not-so-great times? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s one of the traits I mentioned (insecurity, competitiveness, spite) or maybe it’s responsibility to your investors and employees, but it doesn’t seem like obsession and love for the problem alone can keep you driven.

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