We know so much already, but has that changed anything?

We have been told so many things since childhood, “Time is money”, “Value of Punctuality”, “Finishing work on time”. But how much has all of this changed us? You ask someone about value of time or work, you will always get a positive answer, but most of us never really apply it. We still waste time, we still procrastinate. There is so much difference between knowing things and applying them. A popular personality, I don’t remember the name, once said “You cannot stay fresh for whole year by bathing just once, you have to bath everyday.”. It is not about knowing, understanding or doing it once, you need to build a habit out of it. You know time is money then value it every single day without fail. You understand the importance of being punctual? Stay committed to your time everyday, for every work. You finished all your work on time today? Repeat it. Repeat till it becomes a habit.

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