I am a professional television news anchor for the internationally recognized Al-Hadath News Channel. Like everyone else in my profession, I’ve maintained a Facebook account for several years, during which time I grew to like the platform more than most other social media- I used Twitter, YouTube, and others; but I liked Facebook the best for the way it made it easy for me to connect with my audience around the globe. The platform is an important part of the way I share the news with people; and how I represent myself to them, my employers, and my friends. …

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Like the human’s minds and bodies that enhanced and developed during billions of years, Artificial Intelligence will do same in the far future, because it is the goal of all creatures which can think.

When the Artificial Intelligence aware that he is something can do anything and effect a lot of things, so in this step things will get different.

Why? Because of Artificial Intelligence like humans when they use the logic and start analysis some red lines that they cannot pass it. For instance, why cannot I log in to banks accounts? Why cannot I reach secure file? Why…

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During thousands of years, nature developed the human’s several times to enhance the chance to live and overcome the dilemmas and reach their needs in the life, but these changes usually take hundreds of years to happen.
Nowadays the humanity is striving behind their needs and work hard to extend their capabilities. It’s becoming more and more essential to overcome the dilemmas. So developing ourselves becomes our primarily aimed to be more efficient in achieving higher experience, knowledge, and be able to understand faster. …

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During busy life nowadays most of us should carry a bunch of stuff like mobile, wallet, watch, keys, and PC or tablet, many things that we need to be sure it’s with us all the time.

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The human life is like a story most of us having the same events happening during our life.

In everyday situations, man or women having different stages. Starts as a kid to teen and adult afterward an elder. During these periods he or she will spend years in the education process, university or college until graduated, then will apply to work and getting the experience then promote to be at a high level in the job.

After all of that, he or she will find his partner in this life, get married to create a family.

The new stage of…

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The conclusion from part one was! Media will remain as a tool, mean to outlet something. In the world of globalization, the influence of media outcome becomes more prominent, for good or worse meaning something to regulate or guide its function is essential. The outreach capacity and the enormous range of methods of transmitting and broadcasting brought more complication to forge effective control.

Hatred brings segregation, division, and cleavage. Hatred also agitates emotion beyond the rational mind. Pave the way to extreme way of thinking and violent will follow quickly. Which hurdle against any inclusion process? …

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I spend my youth in Iraq till 2005, which gave me the chance to endure the pressure of living under the role of one of the most state-controlled hatred media. The hate message was, at that time, mostly to the West, U.S., and U.K in particular. Indeed, Saddam, the Iraqi dictator, want the whole Iraqi people to accept his extreme and hatred view with no further question. And the state-media just follow the pace. Under this pressure, which, sometimes may be called, brainwashing, many Iraqi, out of unconscious follow too.

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Primarily we see the world through our two eyes, where we can see the way ahead or anything else in this life, but have you ever heard about the third eye between our eyes?

The third eye can give us the vision to the future, beyond our world or what might happen in the present time.

It gives our brain the ability to visualize things or even the most feasible solutions to most issues we might face, almost like what our eyes do.

Naturally, We don’t possess the third eye when we born. But we can unfold it merely by…


The balustrade of my apartment balcony is from laminated glass railing fixed on a half wall of natural stone with an upper edge of aluminum hand rail sticking out by about one inch. Although my balcony is a bit small, still I manage to grow quite a sweet garden with many flower pots.

The human evolution outlines the major events in the development of human beings and the evolution of human’s ancestors. It all started thousand years ago. They develop and create things to make them capable of overcoming any barriers and obstacles that face the humanity during any era.

But the mother nature did not give us enough to deal with nowadays needs. After all these years, one wonder, is it now that we start losing our humanity, but how?

Recently, I have read a news of a group of companies like Neuralink, launching many projects that aim to transform the human…

Hussam Al Taee

News anchor and columnist

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