Apple platform VS Samsung phone

Days ago, I was reading the technology news when one of these news attractive me. It was about Samsung galaxy S8 the newest of Galaxy family, just roll into the market recently. The news shows that the pre-order of Samsung's newest Galaxy S8 hit a record in United State. The reason why is because Samsung still produces creative phones with the variety of options, if you have Galaxy you will not find any obstacles in doing whatever you need additionally, Galaxy S8 start taking over IPhone land, American domestic markets, where Apple had granted for its own. I still remember years ago, when Samsung introduced the first of its series, Galaxy phone S1. Market analysts anticipated that it would become a serious threat for Apple’s phones. And the Mobile market is going to witness a furious competition. Nowadays, Galaxy S8 standing at the top of pre-orders in United State and may push away I Phone far from the world of phone’s creativity and productivity. But this fierce competition between the two rivals will not stand alone to which phone eventually win. For there are other aspects that give, still, Apple and I Phone the edge to defeat Samsung Galaxy S8. In my opinion. these aspects are as hard user for galaxy phones from S1 to S4 and then Apple products fans who are using mostly all the products from IPOD and so, I can say the platform of Apple products are unbelievable and unbeatable, and it’s very useful when you use it together. if you are an individual who needs to work quickly and smoothly without feeling that your OS is slowing you down or taking a substantial amount of your valuable time, then, Apple gadgets will clearly be the right choose. And in this case, Samsung products will not have much to challenge or can defeat Apple. so, in other words, we have here two products. One is a phone with tons of options to pick according to your needs which ultimately give you a high degree of flexibility but does not help much to organize your whole life, work, and so on. On the other hand you have a platform that makes you able to manage all your job and duties at your work From this aspect, I think Apple still keeping the upper hand because using Galaxy s8 west valuable time and efforts to comprehend a vast collection of options and many more new apps in never ending challenge of what is best to assist you in your life. Particularly, to those galaxy S8 fans who use 3 operating systems during their day like Windows or MAC with PC, Android with the phone, and Google for connections apps between phone and PC. in this case you will surely find it tiresome and challenging and very likely to encounter errors during your daily work. I faced this problem when I was using Galaxy family phones before. Although, Android OS and Google products apps have enhanced and improved over the recent years. but still, the percentage of errors happening while connecting 3 OS is higher than that of Apple products. now the question is which tech environment you will choose the singular device that makes you do anything or will connect synchronized devices that make your life easier and coherent. As for me. I think I chose to live within Apple environment because I need this well-designed sync between the whole apple products, which I possess. Any information that I use or need to follow will be synchronized to all Phone, MAC book, Apple watch, and I-Pod. It’s great to believe me… So, what about you? do you agree or what… give it a thought!