How do we create an emotion?

Happy or sad, it just an interpretation.

Humans are the organism that are very dramatic on doing everything. The emotion is like a drug. A broken heart still finding a new love even though he or she knows, he or she will falls into the same broken state hole.

But why human needs emotion in order to sustain their life?

Emotion helps us to understand others. Emotions are complex, they are part of a speech, but not interacted with sound mechanisms. It shows intense mental activity and degree of pleasure what do we want.

Emotion helps us to achieve our dreams. We have a feeling to stand up after being a loser. There is a voice said, “Hey, stand up. You are not useless, you are just being a useless.”

Humans are great in evolution. We can discard any unwanted characteristics easily, and added a new characteristic that helps a lot in surviving.

Emotion exist in us.

We created the emotion.

It is part of the survival process.

And you know what we need the most? Jealousy.

If you said you want a place where the people lives without having political boundaries, totally crap.

We created the boundaries.
We created the politics.

The jealousy, powering us to divide ourselves into same thinking behavior socials, because we want the power what others have, and saying the others that they are not useful in the socials.

Jealousy really helps us to stay survive. Best man win, or survival of the fittest. The game theory existed, created by John Nash, statistically concept by biological evolution process.

By the power of jealousy, we want to create emotions for machine. But why?
Emotion triggers curiosity, and we need machine to feel emotion, to make them conscious with the external environment. We want them evolved like us, but in more exponential growth.

But how do we create an emotion?

We don’t know even we created it once.

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