is a process of unleading to understanding.

I know it sounds very subtle and judgmental. Especially for medical student, they need to know a lot of terms and keywords to pass their tests or exams. There is one day, a particular fine day, I was really in a good mood, so I tried to read something about what medical student study for A-level, and dammit, that is a lot, i mean really damn a lot of facts and details. How do they really keeping up with the course.

I remembered when I was in school, my study oriented purely on memorization, and that is really put me in a stress. I am very slow in memorization, and I knew it because it myself. I tried very hard on that time to catch what teachers teach to us and my results was really not good and felt very stupid. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern and Additional Mathematics are killing me! I screw up my exams for almost a year and that changed my life. I asked a guide from top students on how they study for the subjects, and the most answers I can classified into 2 groups,
1. Read and memorize how and when to apply.
2. Read and understand how and when to apply.

Top students who said need to memorize was really study very hard, and by simply looking into them already give me a stress.
On the other hand side, students who said need to understand was really not a nerd looking and always playing around like an average student.
And was indeed I want to be like them!

Memorizing does not equal to learning.

Now i grew up, and become the first group of that students, really funny. I always stuck in my room and read a lot of stuff, not memorizing but seek of understanding.

My favorite physicist Richard Feynman makes this point wonderfully in one of his classes. He tells a story of spending a year travelling and and teaching physics in Brazil where he quickly realizes that his students have memorized an impressive amount of physics facts but really not understand what is the nature of science. They do not have any idea on how to apply it.

After further investigation, he discovers his students need to carry their academic careers then get rewarded for memorizing. This really hit my head.

At the end of his story, he said, “It is not a science if you keep memorizing in every circumstances. And there, have you got science? No! You have only told what a word means in terms of other words. You have not told anything about nature!”

Finally, he said that he could not see how anyone could be educated by this self-propagating system which people pass exams, and teach others to pass exams, but reality nobody knows anything.

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