So Infinite sum of Natural Number = -1/12, But why Infinite stupidity is not equal to any finite body.

Albert Einstein was said, “There are 2 things infinite, boundless, Universe and Stupidity”.

For mathematicians, like Ramanujan, believes, any infinite series has the ending, has finite answer or body.

But why a physicist like Einstein said, the stupidity is boundless.

Humans are non-deterministic creatures. The probability of given stupidity for a person does not influenced to other probability person stupidity.
And humans are very good in copy-cat. Stupidity looks thriller, looks fun, then the others will follow.

“Stop it, this is stupid!” echoed by other angry humans. The “stupid” behaviors are not welcomed to society mainstream behaviors.

We do, actually, behave stupid, but we do not know it was stupid.
Everyone do.

But how we differentiated, this behaviors are stupid or not.
Most of it, determined by society.

For them, stupidity is more scarier than Mafia, or any capitalists.
Mafia or capitalists can put in a jail, how about stupidity? Asylum?
The stupidity will remains.

Non-stupid people always underestimate stupid people. Stupid people are not belong with them.
That’s make stupid people become more stupid.

The rejection, the isolation, makes them a dull personality. Good or Bad is the same. Stupidity just a term, torturing their own mind, rewiring their own brain, there is no sadness.

But why at the first place, a fine creature like us, an intellect creature like human, shows the flaw or weakness to the others. We have a good brain, good natural processing, good external responses, we evolved exponentially, faster than other organisms.
Still, why?

They do not want to believe, resist to understand. Understanding only makes them become more anxious and guilty, danger to their own neurotic equilibrium.

Fear, makes them stay in that equilibrium.
It’s a threat.
Big NO for them.

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