Why we learn Mathematics.

I am going to be a programmer, why do I need math.

I am going to pursue biological study, why do I need math.

Come on university. Statistics study? Discrete structures? Calculus?
Why I need those? Obviously I don’t need them later in my work.

Mathematics, sounds very technical term. Not everyone like it. It is very differ from human natural processing.
We could easily understand patterns, faces, and natural sounds.
But why does, a study of universe quantity become so hard?

Look at Geometry, why do math makes it complicated?
We know that circle is a circle, we have visual intelligent. But why do we need to know completing the square in order to get circle equation. Why meh?

They said, “Of Observation, Experiment, Induction, Analogy, the mathematician knows nothing.”

It does sounds true, but it’s not.

All discoveries discovered by observation. Humans study what they do not understand, axiomatic and prove the Theorem came out.

“Look at that Mathematicians, trying to prove Prime Number Theorem, for what? does it can use in our daily life? Such a wasting time.”
Mostly people always assume mathematicians study discrete structures that do not bring any benefit to our social system.

Computer technology evolved drastically since 1970.
Computers allow us to run massive calculation with really big integer number and really small float number, algebraic structures, logic proving, regression, predicting, and thousand more.

But how a computer do that?
By simply using a lot number theorem. Came from Mathematics.

Mathematicians always said, they are not physicists. They are not studying natural phenomena, or a physical thing bounded by a natural law, no.
They like numbers, a lot.

For a hundred years, mathematicians trying to find specific domain problem that do not related with any numbers that can be related with physics study. And as usual, people tend to think, mathematicians do not bring any evolutionary ideas for our technology evolution.

Now with happy mathematicians can said, “yes, we find it. String Theory”.
This is the only theoretically place where our physics understanding cannot be apply.

But it still, why does everyone need to learn Mathematics?

Everything in the universe are quantified, not made of nothing from nowhere, there must be something, and created in a space.

Human study also related with math, DNA groups, a pattern matching study.
Problem solving related with discrete structures.
Probability made by entropy randomness also related with probability study.
Entropy also a math.
What does in this world that is not came out from mathematics structure? None.

Everything was calculated perfectly.

Universe, coordination of Stars, planets, they seem placed randomly by side-effect of inflation entropy. But no.

In order to understand this, you need math.

Everything need math.

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