Ulrika Spacek — a mesmeric Hush review

The Album Paranoia

Feels… woozy, amped, hypnotic

Makes you want to… grab another beer and drift

Reminds me of… getting lost in my thoughts… where did that hour go…?

A melting-pot debut album from English 5-piece Ulrika Spacek. Moulds swaying shoe-gaze with gorgeous guitar riffs and swirling synths that alternate between fuzzy and vibrant.

‘I don’t Know’ sets the tone, restrained rhythm and humming bass layered with distorted guitars and hazy vocals that come at you in waves. Thrusting rock sequences are interspersed with softer, more introspective moments (Nk). The variation that unfolds is a pleasure to experience.

This is classic indie-rock reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Junior, Yuck. There are even the uplifting, blissed-out chorus lines that puncture the beer-soaked haze (Ultra Vivid).

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