The discovery startled her, all those years she was searching for love, yearning for it, and all this while, it was just there right under her nose.

She was the perfect person she should fall in love with, who else understands her as much as herself?

Who else wants her to succeed as much as herself?

Who else can motivate and push her as much as herself?

Yet, she was blindly searching somewhere else,

She was searching for that rainbow in every lake,

She was searching for hope in every place.

She was searching for the glimmer of light in a dark zone.

Then, something happened and she found herself.

She no longer felt the need to search.

All she needed, she had found in herself.

Dear reader,

If you are also searching for the perfect person to love, look no further than your humble self.

Without self love, you can’t love anyone else.

Without self love, you have no identity.

Without self love, every small hill is a big mountain for you.

Without self love, every day is a hopeless day.

Conquer your fears, and love yourself, because that’s the best person you will find.


Thanks for reading.