“Procrastination” ,The biggest demon that Abrupt us..

A few days back I started reading a book. Which I bought quite a time, which was also among my favourite books.I just decided that I would complete this in few days. But linguistically, the book took more days then I enumerated. And still the book wasn't complete. I realize that I had this procrastinating problem had occur before many times. I did’t had any idea what so ever like how to deal with this thing. Until, a few days back I had online Amal course, which had a one section on procrastination. I was like well this might even help to overcome this issue. During the online I was completely blown away like how the science of procrastinating takes place, even-more I watched a TED-Talk in which a person describe like how this thing takes place in our mind. Their were few anecdotes, also shared his experienced like how he had this problem and who completed his thesis, but didn't work out in the end. One thing that really shrugged me like how procrastinating had perplexed so many peoples life and their were so devastated by their life. Then I was also toyed by this thought that, what if I be able to continue procrastinating in my life would this thing perish my life too. So, moving along the course their was one remedy or you can a technique that was described in the course. Which is called“ Promodoro Technique”. What this technique describes, whenever you start on to work something you should set a timer for 25 minutes and then stay focus during those 25 minutes. After 25 minutes take 5 minute break. you could do whatever you love to do in these 5 minutes. And also, reward your self with something for the work that you have done. Below there a picture which also use in TED-Talk, which describes how the procrastinator brain works.

Procrastinating Brain

So, I thought just why just give it a try. So, applied this technique to my book reading. So, what I did first I set a Goal that I would read almost 25 pages per day. Which lets suppose if my book is of 200 pages it would take me 8 days to complete it.And I would dedicate this activity one hour to complete this whole activity.Future more narrowing it down my time to 25 minutes.So without wasting any time, whenever I had my free leisure time I would read book for 25 minutes. But there were some problem that I come across.

I'm gonna list down things. Number one thing when I started reading and probably at that time I used be in my university. The people our friend around used to ask me again and again like are you reading what is book is about etc.

The second thing was people where forcing me to stop reading this book and force me to come with them.

Third I have to admit that I was distracted by phone. Sometimes a message would pop up on messenger that would gain my attraction, or sometimes it would be a email through which I got distracted. Which primarily costs me a lot of time.

And, finally after this whole therapy was completed I wasn't completely satisfied by my self. Because I haven’t reached the desire Goal that I have set. But one thing was sure that this technique really do help a lot. Whether I haven’t achieved the desire results but their was strong progress.If wouldn't have been encounter by distraction around me I would have reached my Goal easily. In the upcoming future I would definitely apply this technique not just for my book reading session, but almost for all of my work.