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One of my friends attends St. Thomas University so I decided to call him up and see if he’s free, he was. I haven’t hung out with him in almost a year so I decided to run down university ave. to go meet up with him. I ended up running in the rain to get there but once I arrived it was fine (the rain actually felt pretty good). We then got lunch and played some madden while I waited for my other friend to come pick me up (as the rain had turned into a torrential downpour). We then drove back to the U and just hung out for the night. All in all it was fun to see my friends, something I definitely didn’t plan on doing during the middle of a Friday.

During the Run to St. Thomas

Digital Mind Map (I only did a digital one)

I tried to get the .csv file to work but the application crashed and I lost all my data so I am only left with this single screenshot

Suggested Themes

Vaccination is the first main topic of mine. I believe in the necessity of vaccination and how it benefits society. I don’t understand why some parents choose not to vaccinate. I think this controversial issue is worth exploring, especially in the case of new emerging disease and super bacteria. I think immunization will be and continue to be a huge frontier for the rest of conceivable health care.

Dietary supplement use is on the rise, and in a fast paced work environment it only makes sense that it will become a large market and a good second theme to narrow in on. I have experience with dietary supplements and they actually make up a large portion of my nutrition, from pills to protein I can get many of the vitamins and nutrition that I might miss from daily meals through supplementation. The cutting edge of supplementation is also huge, new technologies allow for more nutritious and better tasting supplements, the possibilities are endless.

Group Fitness is a great way to build community and stay in shape. Group fitness if offered through a wide variety of gyms and clubs and also offers a wide variety of exercises from dancing to mixed martial arts. I have taken group fitness classes and enjoyed them all. Group fitness is generally a good way to make new friends and find new hobbies, it helps people relax, find community, and stay healthy while having fun.

10 Silly Ideas

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