Startupweekend Maldives Beaker

To be among a group of a community leaders, who had a vision to make something different and to work in bringing the change was something I always wanted to be part off.

When I got the chance to develop few materials for Startup Weekend, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but as it unfolded with knowing that Techstars is and the influence of Startup Weekend in shaping startup ecosystem, it made me take this challenge further in.

It was here, when I finally decided to jump out of my comfort zone and get to meet some amazing people who are the community leaders and my network of amazing people is just increasing then, who inspire me and who support me to work harder and put more effort.

With Startup Weekend, I got the opportunity to design the infamous beaker, which is the brand icon of it. The beaker gets customized by every country, but it was not practiced largely by many. The team of community leaders didn’t want to keep any stones unturned and they inspired me to go beyond.

On July 2017, I showed to the organizing team the design and with few tweaks, got it perfected, which last year was awarded as the Best Beaker during the Techsters Asia Pacific Summit held in Bangkok and the spot was shared along with the Singapore Beaker. The 2018 SW Women Edition beaker was designed by Immi (someone whom I really look upon) and I am just amazed by what she has done with that.

I still consider this as one of my best away and using these same illustrations, I also did the infomercial which was equally loved by everyone involved.

The infomercial designed and animated for Startupweekend Maldives 2017

Having a team of inspiring people around make the best come out of you and this I owe to them!! The Community Leaders.