You don’t have to hate atheists
Jessica Wildfire

The idea of labelling people and classifying them as either believers of certain faith or non-believers (a.k.a Atheists) have always amused me. How you can measure a belief? What is a benchmark? How to believe “more” or “less” ? I do not know the answer but definitely not through words only. I find it very difficult to stereotype someone as an absolute non-believer or as an absolute believer, in everything in life. Life is not black and white and we are all inherently results of sharing some different shades of believes (or non-believes). Take for example, “Intelligence”. So far, there are at least 8 main types of intelligence that people can define and categorize “intelligent” individuals accordingly. If something as commonly sought as intelligence , still we are finding new ways to re-defining it, why it is assumed a belief can be easily categorized? A non-believer might end up in reality being a very true believer and vice-versa. Follow a process of making life a bit better around you everyday, and you will naturally, see the outcomes for yourself in the longer-run.

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